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tv   Chasing News  FOX  June 3, 2016 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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♪ >> a swindler who tried to steal by showing up with a fake deeda fake deed could be out on parole next month, and the church bishop is worried. >> who says that he was a pastor and he owns the church. who would try to steal a church? >> are you serious? activate. ♪ >> 30-foot custom-built $250,000 conference table, my key to the world. ♪ >> the one they call kayseven, why do you disturb
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me? bill: that was pretty good. >> i'm sorry, i got access. i have been tripping out ever since. >> get in here and see this thing. >> conference table activate. conference table,, needs 60 more million dollars this year for the annual budget. make it so. ♪ >> behold the table, not just any table, 30 feet custom-built $250,000 conference table. my key to the world. >> by the power of the possession of this conference table, i am going myself chancellor and president for life.. ilife.
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i guess she is kind of like a lamborghini. if you don't have the keys, she had starting up. bill: i'm expecting a hologram to come out of the center. >> it has stirred up questions and serious controversy. >> it is very slow. so that is mostly what i have seen so far. >> issues that should be addressed before quarter million dollar furniture is bought? >> the entire center of the table spends like the world's largest and most expensive lazy susan. i wonder how much it would cost to make it stop creaking. fair question, students and officials called for an investigation.
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the state comptroller office granted it. the results are in. strange from its own procurement policies to buy this, buying it from a chinese vendor without even putting it out for bid. thebid. the report states that the table was built in being shipped before it was even approved by the university board. instructors, teachers say that the table is just one example of a much wider spending problem. >> i think as a symbol it is very powerful proof of the lawlessness of this administration. and also, the misplaced priorities of this administration. money continues to be spent on projects that have no educational value for our students. >> theuniversity issued a statement of its own contradicting the comptroller's reports saying that cain did its due diligence staying within the state college contract law,
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adding that they did get the best value. just for context,, tuition, room, board for one in-state student last year was about $12,000. he could have paid for 21 students, also got 33 million in state aid last year. calling for an investigation of all the university spending. the table is pretty sweet. >> indicative of a lot of gross spending. until there is a correction they are only going to get higher and higher. bill: how do they fitted through the door? ♪ bill: "high speed chase",
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start us off. >> you won't believe what a man saw weathering from the ceiling. it also place on wednesday july captured on video. it took three attempts to get one snake out. and the other is still lurking somewhere. >> that is what he said. ♪ >> a swimmer who tried to -- a swindler who tried to steal a church with a fakea fake deed could be out, and the church bishop is worried. the bishop described what happened after the congregation purchased the historic clinton avenue presbyterian church, he went to inspect the property and realized the alarm was not going off. the police showed up, andup,
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and so to the would-be thief. >> a young man off the street, ramon hamlet who says that he was a pastor and that he owns a church. he pulls out a fake deed the said he was the pastor of the church before we bought it. >> this led to a police investigation, and the 35 -year-old was arrested at the church pleading guilty to theft by deception and tampering. sentenced to three years in prison, but could be free next month. >> who would try to steal a church? a church? senior citizen command children, churches. >> the bishop says the congregation was locked out of their own church for several weeks, and he pointed out the damage that was done.
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>> and now the church is looking to raise money, so they are accepting donations because they have fixing up to do. they deal with scams like this at least twice a week and earns a lot of people to really pay attention and be careful. bill: i thought the scam was that they would sell them the church and take the money. >> he could be out on parole. >> don't worry, god will remember. >> thou shalt not steal. >> and inexplicable tidbit of the story. i caught up with grace west. at age ten diagnosed with neuroblastoma, cancer of the nerve cell. she was cast by thekissed by the pope, and the year and a half later she is cancer free. did she receive a miracle? >> it was peaceful. you could just sit forever. the architecture was incredible.
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>> she started telling aa story about how she gave the pope birthday card. >> the front of it was this very pastel -- bill: how many people have given? >> take it off my bucket list. a sense of relief. her good now. it was an amazing trip. >> the pope kissed her on the four head at stage four, and she is now cancer free. the catholic church requires two miracles. cured after meeting with pope francis. a team of experts will decide if it was scientifically unexplainable there was a message for other kids diagnosed. >> you really have no choice but to be strong.
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♪ >> only indian japanese comedian. >> even president barack obama has given this comedian his props. i caught up with him where he shared his cultural humor >> some indian weddings go on for a week. >> his dirty little secret. >> sitting on the train. or driving. and then -- >> a nailbiter who turned to technology. >> it is bad. >> i was joined to see how he uses a device called the padlock. when he puts it on and bites his nail is supposed to press it, and it will shock him. it is based off of the
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infamous psychology theory known as pavlovian conditioning. >> adding something to discourage behavior through punishment, but the problem is that human behavior is much more complex. addiction, we know people are addicted to various drugs and alcohol and will continue to use them. bill: i'm stuckam stuck on the idea that he has to press the button themselves. >> you are supposed to be honest but also your paying 200 bucks for the device. that dan has not been using it for aa long time. i had him put it on me. >> as you feel anything? >> he kept upping the voltage. we started around 20 watts. maybe i just like pain.
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>> wewe're going to have to do the next one. >> made our way to 60. >> okay. >> no. >> no studies to prove something like this works. >> this device is a clever idea that these behavioral principles have been debunked, so there is no evidence that the device works long-term. >> he says he has not really been wearing it religiously. he has tried it for about a month now. he still finds himself biting his nails. he has to put this bracelet on and is hopeful this will stop him from doing so. >> it is no secret many
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addicts just want to get sober. could a new form of treatment
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♪ bill: a metal head. >> it is no secret many addicts just want to get sober. >> you 1st begin the detox
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process. >> very rough. >> the addiction mindset. >> i'm tired of this lifestyle. >> 100% committed to staying sober. >> get a new form of treatment just approved be the answer? this is a look at the newly approved drug. >> place just under the skin of the upper arm by a trained healthcare provider with delivery continually for up to six months. >> for patients in the maintenance stage of the treatment as a way to stem craving. this is made up of a few different pieces. it lasts for six months. >> a commonly prescribed medication to treat opioid dependence. >> it is now being called a gamea game changer. >> the way it has been prescribed is in a physician's office, and they usually get up to a month
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the prescription. the challenge is that there really is not much stopping a person from forgetting to take the medication or intentionally not taking the medication for a day or two or three or more. >> but others are not optimistic. >> it sounds like an operational type thing. >> okay. >> i don't want that. >> runs network therapy in jersey, outpatient detox not only helps patients we not the drug but offers counseling and therapy. >> american culture, i want a quick fix. you need to stop and think.
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>> now, there is actually a black market. selling oral medication. some people believe it will solve the problem, but others say they were not that far in their recovery. >> what i am worried about, multiple friends went to rehab, detox and ended up getting the suboxone maintenance and ended up getting addicted. >> there you go. bill: all right. the new drug, i don't see a downside. we talked about the money, but let me understand people who are opposed; is it because they don't think it is effective enough for because it will be a setback or danger?
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>> ii don't think it gets to the root cause. you know, forget about why they went down this path. bill: now it will be available over-the-counter. the fear is that this could become an enabler. i can increase the high without consequences. this seems to be on a completely different track. ♪ >> actually the state animal of new jersey. this equine center is the only place in the state that offers college-level courses >> making a big
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legendary john deere quality. unexpected low price. e series compact tractors come with an industry-best, six-year, no-cost powertrain warranty. >> it is important to obey the traffic laws.
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going to call 911 and dime you out. decided to take the law and do his own hands. >> hi. >> apologize. that is my son. >> very important to impart obedience to the law to your child. teacher kids that snitches get stitches. >> meet my new friend, ambassador, one of the hundred 20 here at the equine studies center along valley.
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kicking off june. >> what is not to love? conjuring up so many images. >> it is actually the state animal of new jersey. i sure as hell did not. been around for 30 years, and it is the only place in the state offering college-level courses enabling graduates to be veterinarians, trainers, aa whole bunch of different careers thanks to the four-year programs offered right here. i had to talk to him about his love of all things. the major in business administration, but his minor is equine studies. he told me what he wants to do without education. >> open up my own business and get sponsorships and clients and everything. >> you want to go pro. >> not your typical horseback rider.
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he told me he grew up not having the most money and did not start writing until he was 14 years old. >> i want toi want to break barriers. i did not come from a lot of money growing up. making it big in the horse industry is known for being the sport of kings, my ultimate goal for my life. >> are you not supposed to walk on the course? >> that's real. >> before i left my show me the proper way to group. >> brush in circles. and then once you do this to the whole body, the marks going away. brush all the dirt and grime
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away. >> for the 1st time this year they included a track enabling students to come out into the world and treat these beautiful creatures that humans have an almost unexplainable bond with. he does not love the horse. nice to meet you. thank you for being on "chasing news". >> this sure that you have never seen before. people, places, hidden gems. ♪ >> this is a fox 29 news updat updates. >> good morning i'm fox 29 meteorologist kathy orr. we are in for a balmy nights in there city 65. in the suburbs 60 degrees. overcast skies moving on in and it will be muggy. during date for your friday, 78 with scattered showers and some thunderstorms possible and on your seven day forecast, looking ahead to a washout of a sunday and then drying out for the beginning of the work week. sue has the very latest
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beginning at 4:00 a.m. watch "good day philadelphia" okay, ready? whoa! [ explosion ]
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homer (laughs): whoo! pork chops with gravy! wait. but today's not pork chop tuesday. or gravy thursday! i also set up some mirrors
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